The American Government: What is its purpose? How does it work? How does the system of balancing and checking power affect policies? How do historical developments such as black history and women’s quest for equality affect the government today? What can Sweden learn from the American political system?

Political issues in the USA: coronavirus, economics, the filibuster, divided government, and foreign policy.  How do these issues affect Sweden?

News Values: The media are often our source of information about society. Are we getting the information we need to make intelligent decisions such as which policies to support or who to vote for? The news media determines what news to publish and broadcast according to its news values. This seminar considers the news values of the media, the government, and the public. What are the consequences for democracy?
Current developments in the English language: How is business English different than everyday English? What are the new words? What are the differences between American and British English? How do users of English as a second language affect language development?
Current Trends in American society: This seminar focuses on such controversial issues as the economy, foreign policy, education, religion, environment, ethics, racial justice, health care, immigration, gay marriages, and taxes. What can Sweden learn from this American debate? 
A Study Visit to the United States: How can you get the most out of your visit? This topic focuses on American cultural and social values to help you gain rapport with Americans, thereby increasing insights into U.S. society. This seminar includes practical travel tips.
Other topics, including your suggestions, are available upon request.
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